July 12, 2016 - July 16, 2016

Location Edinburgh, Scotland

Website http://www.isae2016.co.uk/

ISAE Edinburgh 2016 for 50th Anniversary Celebrations

 PROHEALTH members presented the following:

  • I.J. Pedersen, B. Forkman; Systematic review of on-farm factors affecting leg health in broilers.
  • V.A. Moustsen, K.P. Johansson, B. Forkman, M.B.F. Nielsen, S. N. Andreasen; Impact of playing classical music and scratching on avoidance distance in loose housed farrowing sows;
  • S.M. Matheson, R. Thompson, G. Walling, T. Ploetz, I. Kyriazakis, S.A. Edwards, Relationship between sow conformation, farrowing floor type and posture change characteristics using accelerometer data.

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