Watch 'Vertical transmissions of Escherichia Coli in broiler production and biosecurity aspects' presented on the first PROHEALTH national event in Poland by prof. Jarrko Niemi.

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Relaxing sows with classical music


As part of our Prohealth project, our researchers from the Pig Research Centre in Denmark ( have been designing studies to investigate how sows can be relaxed by positive handling from their caregivers, as well as by playing classical music... This sow seems to be enjoying it! A Pig Spotify playlist anyone?!

AWARE Project Introduction

AWARE Project

This introductory video made by AWARE talks about the animal welfare research network in Europe and the differences in animal welfare standards between countries, emphasizing the need for international collaboration to improve animal welfare in production farming.

ECO-FC Project Introduction


This is an introductory video to the EU funded project called ECO-FCE. Through a better understanding of the interactions between animal genetics, gut characteristics and the attributes of feed, ECO-FCE will propose strategies to improve feed use efficiency (FCE) in pigs and broiler chickens whilst also reducing their ecological footprint.


All Smart Pigs

Internet Surveillance is often associated with names like Facebook, Google or the NSA, but now also pig farmers have started to use new tools to monitor every aspect of a pig's life. A whole range of sophisticated technical devices have been installed in a farm in Northern Spain for a pilot study of the European research project "All Smart Pigs".

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