APRIL 30, 2020

| by A.H. Stygar, I. Chantziaras, I. Toppari, D. Maes, J. K. Niemi

High biosecurity and welfare standards in fattening pig farms are associated with reduced antimicrobial use

In order to reduce antimicrobial use in pig production, the consequences of insufficient biosecurity and welfare problems need to be known. This study aimed to investigate associations between the number of antimicrobial treatments per fattening pig, and biosecurity, indicators for animal welfare as well as the prevalence of lesions at slaughter. The data used in this study were extracted from the pig health and welfare classification system (Sikava), which gathers data on medicine usage, meat inspection, animal welfare and the condition of farm buildings from over 95% of pig production in Finland. The data were registered during years from 2011 ...

APRIL 08, 2020

| by Jarkko Niemi, Richard Bennett, Beth Clark, Lynn Frewer, Philip Jones, Thomas Rimmler, Richard Tranter

A value chain analysis of interventions to control production diseases in the intensive pig production sector

Value chain analysis (VCA) calculated the financial effects on food chain actors of interventions to improve animal health and welfare in the intensive pig sector. Two interventions to reduce production diseases were studied. A generic chain diagram of linkages between stakeholders and value-added dimensions was designed. Data on structure and financial performance were collected for the sector. The production parameters and financial effects of the interventions were then described to illustrate impact on the supply chain. The effects of the interventions were also assessed at market level using economic welfare analysis.

The sectors in Finland and the UK are small in ...