JUNE 25, 2018

| by Panagiotis Sakkas, Idiegberanoise Oikeh, Damer P. Blake, Matthew J. Nolan, Richard A. Bailey, Anthony Oxley, Ivan Rychlik, Georg Lietz, Ilias Kyriazakis

Does selection for growth rate in broilers affect their resistance and tolerance to Eimeria maxima?


Chickens exhibit varied responses to infection with Eimeria parasites. We hypothesise that broilers selected for increased growth rate will show lower resistance and tolerance to a coccidian challenge. 288 chickens of fast (F) or slow (S) growing lines were inoculated with 0 (control), 2500 (low-dose), or 7000 (high-dose) sporulated E. maxima oocysts at 13 days of age in two consecutive rounds. Gain and Intake were measured daily and their values relative to BW at the point of infection were calculated over the pre-patent (days 14 post-infection), acute (d58 pi), and recovery ...

JUNE 11, 2018

| by anonymous author

PROHEALTH to Present Sustainable Solutions for Broiler Health at VIV Europe 2018

Workshop to Highlight Poultry Disease Management Research From EU-funded Animal Health Project

WAGENINGEN, Netherlands (June 14, 2018) – Smart ideas for sustainable poultry disease management will be featured in a special PROHEALTH workshop at VIV Europe 2018, to be held 20-22 June in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Featuring talks from a host of leading poultry scientists and experts from across Europe, the PROHEALTH workshop, which will take place 21 June, will focus on major health and welfare issues in conventional broiler production as the industry comes under pressure to produce more with less.

Çağla Yüksel Kaya Kuyululu of the European Forum ...