JULY 01, 2017

| by V. P. Lund, L. R. Nielsen, A. R. S. Oliveira, J. P. Christensen

Evaluation of the Danish footpad lesion surveillance in conventional and organic broilers: Misclassification of scoring


Danish legislation prescribes surveillance of footpad dermatitis (FPD) at slaughter as an indicator of on-farm broiler welfare. The 3-point scale being used was originally developed in Sweden to score feet from conventional broilers, but the extent and causes of misclassifications have not been investigated, neither in conventional nor organic broilers. Hence, we investigated the performance of the official Danish FPD scoring system in conventional and organic broilers by assessing agreement between official scores from the slaughterhouse and consecutive scoring of the same feet by a reference method. We also investigated the impact of performing an incision of the footpad ...