Peer-Reviewed Publications

A value chain analysis of interventions to control production diseases in the intensive pig production sector

  • 2020

Jarkko Niemi, Richard Bennett, Beth Clark, Lynn Frewer, Philip Jones, Thomas Rimmler, Richard Tranter

The Productivity and Financial Impacts of Eight Types of Environmental Enrichment for Broiler Chickens

  • 2020

Philip J. Jones, Fernanda M. Tahamtani, Ida J. Pedersen, Jarkko K. Niemi, Anja B. Riber

Animals 2020, 10(3), 378;

Differential immune response to Eimeria maxima infection in fast and slow growing broiler genotypes

  • 2019

T. Giles, P. Sakkas, A. Belkhiri, P. Barrow, I. Kyriazakis, N. Foster

Parasite Immunology, 41(9), e12660,

Correlation between footpad lesions and systemic bacterial infections in broiler breeders

  • 2019

Ida Cecilie Naundrup Thøfner, Louise Ladefoged Poulsen, Magne Bisgaard, Henrik Christensen, Rikke Heidemann Olsen, Jens Peter Christensen

Veterinary Research, 2019, 50:38,

Improving leg health in broiler chickens: A systematic review on the effect of environmental enrichment

  • 2019

I. J. Pedersen, B. Forkman

Animal Welfare, Volume 28, Number 2, May 2019, pp. 215-230 (16),

Big (pig) data and the internet of swine things. A new paradigm in the industry

  • 2019

Carlos Piñeiro, Joaquín Morales, María Rodríguez, María Aparicio, Edgar García Manzanilla, Yuzo Koketsu

Animal Frontiers, Volume 9, Issue 2, April 2019, Pages 6–15,

Longitudinal study on causes of mortality in Danish broiler breeders

  • 2019

I.C.N. Thøfner, L.L. Poulsen, M. Bisgaard, H. Christensen, R.H. Olsen, J.P. Christensen

Avian Diseases (in press)

Consumer attitudes towards production diseases in intensive production systems

  • 2019

Beth Clark, Luca A. Panzone, Gavin B. Stewart, Ilias Kyriazakis, Jarkko K. Niemi, Terhi Latvala, Richard Tranter, Philip Jones, Lynn J. Frewer