Peer-Reviewed Publications for 2016

Porcine lie detectors: Automatic quantification of posture state and transitions in sows using inertial sensors

  • 2016
  • |

Robin Thompson, Stephanie M. Matheson, Thomas Plötz, Sandra A. Edwards, Ilias Kyriazakis

Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, Volume 127, September 2016, Pages 521-530

A Systematic Review of Public Attitudes, Perceptions and Behaviours Towards Production Diseases Associated with Farm Animal Welfare

  • 2016

Beth Clark, Gavin B. Stewart, Luca A. Panzone, Ilias Kyriazakis, Lynn J. Frewer

Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, Vol. 29/Issue 3, 455-478

Estimation of genetic associations between reproduction and production traits based on a sire and dam line with common ancestry.

  • 2016

Kapell, D.N.R.G., Ashworth, C.J., Walling, G.A. et al.

Estimation of genetic associations between reproduction and production traits based on a sire and dam line with common ancestry. Animal 3: 1354-1362.

Influence of herd size, herd management and geographic pig density on PCV2 antibody titers of sows and 3 week old piglets in 10 Belgian farms.

  • 2016

De Backer, P., Fockedey, M., Schillebeekx, J.

Proc. 22nd IPVS congress June 11-14 2012, Jéju Island, Korea, VP 547

Characterization of Chicken Spleen Transcriptome after Infection with Salmonella enterica Serovar Enteritidis.

  • 2016

Matulova, M., Rajova, J., Vlasatikova, L., Volf, J., Stepanova, H., Havlickova, H., Sisak, F., Rychlik, I.

PLoS One. 7(10):e48101.

Murine Caecal patch M cells transport Scrapie-Associated Fibrils (SAF) in vivo.

  • 2016

Foster, N., Macpherson, G.G.

J. Infectious Dis. 202: 1916-1919.

Mammary gland involution and endocrine status in sows: Effects of weaning age and lactation heat stress.

  • 2016

Farmer, C., Knight, C.H. Flint, D.J.

Canadian Journal of Animal Science 87, 35-43

Novel approach for deriving genome wide SNP analysis data from archived blood spots

  • 2016

Fowler, K.E., Reitter, C.P., Walling, G.A. et al.

Novel approach for deriving genome wide SNP analysis data from archived blood spots. BMC research notes 5: 503.

Incidence and prevention of early parturition in sows.

  • 2016

Vanderhaeghe, C., Dewulf, J., Jourquin, J., de Kruif, A., Maes, D.

Incidence and prevention of early parturition in sows. Reprod Dom Anim 46, 428-33.