Jul 2016

24th International Pig Veterinary Society Congress (IPVS) 7th to 10th June, 2016- Dublin, Ireland

July 1, 2016

In 2016, the 24th IPVS was held in conjunction with the 8th European Symposium of Porcine Health Management (ESPHM) in Dublin. At this 4 day event, we had a number of our PROHEALTH researchers presenting their scientific findings originating from the project.

There were four oral presentations given at the conference, including:

  • Fanny Pandolfi, Newcastle University: ‘Identification of neonatal mortality patterns and risk factors related to the different causes of piglet neonatal mortality in French farms.’

  • Stephanie Matheson, Newcastle University: ‘Relationships between weight, head morphology- assessed IUGR status and survival in commercial piglet production.’

  • Elodie Merlot, INRA: ‘Influence of gestation housing system on sow health and the transfer of maternal immunity to the neonate.’

  • Tim Giles, University of Nottingham: ‘Identifying potential biomarkers to improve production in pigs and poultry.’

We also had four poster presentations given in various conference sessions by four PROHEALTH research teams. We are pleased to have been present at the largest European pig conference in 2016, and there were some very interesting talks and findings.