Sep 2016

EAAP 2016, 30th August 2016, Belfast, North Ireland

Sept. 7, 2016

This year at the 67th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP) 2016 in Belfast, PROHEALTH had a dedicated afternoon Session incorporated into the conference scientific programme on Tuesday 30th August. Over 100 delegates attended this session, with full capacity reached in the conference room; several delegates complained that they could not access the room!

The opening talk was given by Professor Sandra Edwards from Newcastle University, who introduced the PROHEALTH project and gave a fascinating overview into piglet mortality, its causes and solutions being addressed by the project. The second invited speaker was Professor Max Rothschild from Iowa State University who gave an entertaining talk on the application of novel genomics for sustainable pig health, something that relates directly to PROHEALTH developments. We were delighted to host 12 shorter talks and 7 posters, which accompanied the Session. The majority of the presentations and many of the posters arose directly from PROHEALTH. They addressed the effects of gestation housing on maternal stress and piglet viability, the relationship between sow conformation and piglet crushing, the use of novel sensors to characterise maternal ability of sows, effects of diet on piglet weaning, and the relationship between selection for improved performance and ability to deal with production diseases both in pigs and chickens.

We would like to thank the EAAP organisers and speakers for making this session such a success, with special thanks to Sam Millet for kindly chairing the session.