PROHEALTH aims at improving competitiveness and sustainability of modern pig and poultry farming in Europe.

Production diseases compromise health and welfare of pigs and poultry, generating inefficiencies which reduce profitability and product quality, and increase environmental footprint and antibiotic use. 

The PROHEALTH project will develop an understanding of the multi-factorial dimension of animal pathologies linked to the intensification of production and use this to develop, evaluate and disseminate effective control strategies to reduce impact. Find out more here

We have 22 partners from around Europe. Find out more about our partners here


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    RT @Jarkko_Niemi: The least preferred interventions to control production diseases included medicine-based measures, which raised humane an…

  • @fp7_PROHEALTH

    RT @Jarkko_Niemi: Consumers prefer proactive interventions such as improved housing and hygiene measures to control production diseases in…

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