17 AUGUST 2018

Europe-wide poultry health project draws to a close

A nice overview and summary article on the poultry related work of PROHEALTH, written by freelance journalist Tony McDougal for Poultry World.

Access the full ...

11 JUNE 2018

PROHEALTH to Present Sustainable Solutions for Broiler Health at VIV Europe 2018

Workshop to Highlight Poultry Disease Management Research From EU-funded Animal Health Project

WAGENINGEN, Netherlands (June 14, 2018) – Smart ideas for sustainable poultry ...

28 MAY 2018

Novel strategies to combat production diseases in poultry

Novel strategies to combat production diseases in poultry

Intensification of farming increases the risk and susceptibility of poultry getting production diseases, making animal husbandry practices less ...

26 FEBRUARY 2018

PROHEALTH featured in EAAP newsletter

PROHEALTH project Final Conference
PROHEALTH is the largest European animal health project ever funded to help combat production diseases of pigs and poultry. Intensification of ...

27 OCTOBER 2017

Staff and visitors letting down biosecurity on EU broiler farms

Better education of broiler farmers and their staff would help improve overall biosecurity on broiler farms in Europe, according to a comprehensive new study published ...

1 JUNE 2017

38th ANAPORC Symposium in Sevilla

PROHEALTH is mentioned prominently in the ANAPORC publication of June 2017, announcing the annual ANAPORC Symposium. The article is written in Spanish language with the ...

16 MARCH 2017

Tackling piglet mortality

Newcastle University – Institute For Agri-food Research And Innovation

Protecting animal and crop production to feed a growing population is one of the major challenges ...