AUGUST 17, 2018

| by Tony McDougal

Europe-wide poultry health project draws to a close

A nice overview and summary article on the poultry related work of PROHEALTH, written by freelance journalist Tony McDougal for Poultry World.

Access the full article here.

AUGUST 02, 2018

| by Jake Cowton, Ilias Kyriazakis, Thomas Plötz and Jaume Bacardit

A Combined Deep Learning GRU-Autoencoder for the Early Detection of Respiratory Disease in Pigs Using Multiple Environmental Sensors


We designed and evaluated an assumption-free, deep learning-based methodology for animal health monitoring, specifically for the early detection of respiratory disease in growing pigs based on environmental sensor data. Two recurrent neural networks (RNNs), each comprising gated recurrent units (GRUs), were used to create an autoencoder (GRU-AE) into which environmental data, collected from a variety of sensors, was processed to detect anomalies. An autoencoder is a type of network trained to reconstruct the patterns it is fed as input. By training the GRU-AE using environmental data that did not lead to an occurrence of respiratory disease, data that did ...