Peer-Reviewed Publications for 2018

A Combined Deep Learning GRU-Autoencoder for the Early Detection of Respiratory Disease in Pigs Using Multiple Environmental Sensors

  • 2018

Jake Cowton, Ilias Kyriazakis, Thomas Plötz and Jaume Bacardit

Sensors, 2018, 18(8), 2521; doi:10.3390/s18082521

Does selection for growth rate in broilers affect their resistance and tolerance to Eimeria maxima?

  • 2018

Panagiotis Sakkas, Idiegberanoise Oikeh, Damer P. Blake, Matthew J. Nolan, Richard A. Bailey, Anthony Oxley, Ivan Rychlik, Georg Lietz, Ilias Kyriazakis

Veterinary Parasitology 258 (2018) 88–98 

Connecting different data sources to assess the interconnections between biosecurity, health, welfare, and performance in commercial pig farms in great Britain

  • 2018

Fanny Pandolfi, Sandra A. Edwards, Dominiek Maes and Ilias Kyriazakis

Frontiers in Veterinary Science, March 2018, Volume 5, Article 41 | Open Access publication